Dab Liquids 120mL

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When it comes to the freshest flavors for vaping, Dab Liquid has hit the mark with their 2 flavors they just had launched. Ghost Beary, a crisp sour white gummy that is a spot on clear gummy sweet snack everyone loves, and Qi (Chi) Force, a refreshing on point exotic lychee flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The flavors come in a 120ml glass dropper bottle with a 30ml Unicorn bottles included. As vaping has gotten into more of a demand for more juice to satisfy vaper's without breaking their pockets, Dab Liquid is definitely the company that will fulfill those needs. 


Dab Liquid - Qi Force - Freshest Lychee

Dab Liquid - Ghost Beary - Sour White Gummy


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Two New Nostalgic E-Liquid Flavors that'll leave you wanting MORE! 60ml bottles!

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Truvape will be carrying two new flavors that will bring you back to your childhood favorites!  The first is Root Beer Float by Dryx Enterprise, the same makers of Royal Infusion, Royal Rozen Elixir and a favorite building wire, Royal Wires.

Image: Root Beer Float by Dryx Enterprise

The flavor profile is a creamy blend of rich root beer soda and delicious ice cream!  The root beer flavor is pronounced with the creaminess of ice cream.  It is packaged in an amber 60ml glass dropper bottle.

The second nostalgic flavor is Circus Cookie!  Bring yourself down memory lane with this delicious cookie treat!  This E-Liquid flavor is a sweet creamy cookie drenched in "white and pink" frosting and sprinkles!

Image: Circus Cookie E-Liquid

The Circus Cookie E-Liquid is bottled in a 60ml plastic bottle with a twist nozzle and packaged in a ever so memorable designed box.

Both these flavors are amazing and deserves a vape from everyone!


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Best Variable Mods

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     5) Stout 26650 100w TC by Vape Foward – One of the new lineups of the creators of the Vapor Flask. They are bringing back 26650 back in the game where this battery only exist in the high end world of International and Domestic Mod Artists. The Stout has a sleek body that cones in from the natural 26650 fitting. The ergonomic grip behind the 26650 thickness of the mod is really comfortable grip while vaping. It also comes with a 18650 sleeve because they care about your leftover 18650 batteries if you were to ever pick this bad boy up. At 100w and Temp Control Features, it pretty much covers a good day of casual vaping if you were to use a 26650 at 30-40w. This mod can fire down to .1 for the drippers out there. 



VaperFlask - Stout 26650 Black


     4) Mini Volt 40w  by Council of Vapor –This ridiculously small, compact, cute, stealthy, mini volt box mod measuring at  35mm * 22mm * 56mm with its height just over a little 2inches tall. Packing a 1300mah battery with a custom designed chip that has up to 3 vape mode settings from Soft, Standard, and Power. This mod is a good daily if you run at low watts but it can also be a good alternative back up for a stealthy ninja vape that fits nicely and comfortably in your pocket for a good night out. 


Council of Vapor - Mini Volt 


     3) IPVD3  by Poineer4you – A minor upgrade from the bestselling and popular D2. This sleek looking 80w Temp Control compact mod definitely delivers good power and performance to vapers that don't want their pockets to feel too heavy as their daily lives may require them to be on the go all the time. One of the upgrades that stands out to most vapors from the D2 is the magnet door upgrade that is more convenient than the slide battery door from the D2. Also the OLED upgrade to be more clearer and brighter will take notice during night vaping sessions.





        Poineer4You - IPV D3 Black






                                             Poineer4You - IPV D3 Silver





2) Reuleaux DNA200 & RX200 by Wismec/Jaybo – Wismec and Jaybo is definetly a deadly combination, from the first launch of the DNA200 Reuleaux to the more affordable RX200 definitely caught alot of attention. The name of the mod comes from the Reuleaux Triangle which are almost like a Spherical rounded outer shape with a Triangle shape within inside. While the outer shell mod of the Reuleaux box mods may be more edged out, I think it looks better as it gives it a sharper look. The grip of the mod feels great and the response hit time is up to par. Having the longevity and power to run three 18650 batteries is a great vape to have. We have customized some of ours with a nice Black & Teal for our Store Colorway  and for all the San Jose Sharks Fans!. Our customized White & Black Oreo colorway and also some of our customers call Storm Trooper, Tuxedo, Yin Yang, Etc. All these colorways just looks dope and the device's performance specs speaks for itself. 


  Wismec RX200 Black/Black                                       Wismec RX200 White/Teal


Wismec RX200 Black/Teal                                         Wismec RX200 White/Black



 1) Target 75w Kit V2  by Vaporesso – Vaporesso is a new and upcoming company that has came out with a bang near the end of 2015 with their new Ccell ceramic coils that brings out consistent and bold flavors out of your e-juice. The mod itself feels really solid and a good almost joystick like trigger grip. What stands out for this mod is definitely trigger placement for the fire button replicating a joystick. This mod is actually one of the sleekest single 18650 mod. The placement of the battery to the most minimalist spaces used and the respose fire time and temp control features all crammed into this hard hitter sleeper. (take down to .1 ohm).


Vaporesso Target Kit Black


         Target Metallic                   Target Rose Gold                 Target Kit Purple



*This is solely based on our opinion. Result may vary for users.* 



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Best Subtank / Sub-Ohm Tank

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              5) Super Tank Mini by Tobecco – As tanks go, this one is a winner! With its compact size and the 4ml juice capacity, this one is a no brainer. The Super Tank Mini also takes Atlantis coils. With all the different aftermarket coils for the Atlantis out in the market as of now, this one will give you a wide variety of what to use. From Clapton coils from the Triton Tank to the Herakles V1 coils to even the Ceramic coils from the Target Tank. The Super Tank Mini gives you the option on what route to take. The only disadvantage to this tank is the drip tip. It is built in with the top fill cap so customizing the look will be limited. They did release a stainless steel top fill cap/drip tip. However, with all the beautiful drip tips out in the market right now this puts the Super Tank Mini at number 5.

Super Tank Mini by Tobecco


                   4) Herakles Plus by Sense – Sense has been one of the popular companies to produce sub tanks in the market. Renowned for the first Herakles, the Herakles Plus will certainly not disappoint. With the added top fill feature, this ranks as our number 4. The Herakles Plus has been solid for us. The top airflow adds another dimension to its design, with its ability to not just provide as an auxiliary airflow and have the air travel through the coils is just genius. Sense’s new design of the inner and outer chamber to have both airflows contribute to the enhancement of flavor and vapor production is one of the key features that won us over. Even though the Herakles Plus is well thought off, they have released a different coil for this tank. Not being able to use the first Herakles coils is one of its only downside. Although the new coils provide a better flavor than its predecessor, the newly designed coil is vital to its new chamber design.

    Herakles Plus by Sense


                   3) TFV4 by Smok – The TFV4 pushed the envelope of sub ohm tanks. With the stock triple or quad coils, they made the TFV4 as close as you were to dripping. The unique swivel top fill cap is a feature that everybody loves. This tank gives you some serious clouds being able to push it at 140 watts with the quad coil. The addition of their sextuple coil, finds a spot for all vapers looking for that really warm vape. Although the actual tank gets hot, it’s what you would expect with the triple or quad setting. The swivel feature for the top fill cap gets loose as time goes but the convenience of not having to unscrew the whole cap is what draws people in and the vape is what makes you stay. The option of having up to a sextuple coil without building or maybe even to rebuild is what sets this tank apart.

    TFV4 by Smok


                   2) Target Tank by Vaporesso – The first sub ohm tank to have ceramic for their stock coils. The tank is just any other functionality wise but aesthetically speaking, this is one of the better looking ones we have seen especially the stainless steel. The shiny brushed finish makes it look classy and very well built. The best thing about this tank is the coil, with the 0.9 ceramic coil, this will give you a clean and wonderful vape. As with all ceramic coils, the flavor gets better and better the longer it lasts but while the flavor is excellent, the vapor production is not on par compared with its competitors. However, we have been hearing a lot of great reviews about the Target. Not to mention that the coils last at least 3 weeks with normal to heavy use. Although everyone is different, we had the honor of testing one of the coils out and it lasted us about a month. No spit backs and leaking issues so far. The Target is definitely on the top of our list.

    Target Tank by Vaporesso


                   1) Crown by Uwell – Even though we love the ceramic coils, the Crown is still one our personal favorites. The flavor from this tank gets you as close as you can to dripping and the vapor production is great. This tank is very well built, from the airflow adjustment to the knurled top fill cap, it will certainly satisfy every vaper’s needs. No spit back or leaking, easy to clean and the variety of coils they carry. The coil for this tank has been stellar, whether it be the 0.5, 0.25 or the nickel coil, the crown will deliver great performance. Other than the break in period for the coil (about 20 hits or so), we can’t really say anything bad about the crown. This has been solid for us for quite a while now.  The package includes all 3 available coils in the market so you can choose which one before committing into buying one. The Crown is still our top pick for the month.

    Crown by Uwell


    *This is solely based on our opinion. Result may vary for users.*

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    BMI MINI V1R1 Temp Control Box Mod 60w - Beast Mode Industries

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    Beast Mode Industries is definitely known worldwide for their dependable, durable, and excellent performing box mods.  They are so popular that we get emails about them almost everyday and multiple requests in store of when more BMIs will be landing at our location! The newly designed BMI Mini is a slim and sleek version of the original BMI Box Mod. The newly designed mod also comes with a newly designed chip in collaboration with Vape Organics, and VO Distribution based out is SoCal. The design features of this new chip provides a graphic user interface, reverse polarity, output short, low resistance, low battery voltage and overheat protection and 3 different modes for vapers to find their sweet hit settings. The first release of the MINI V1R1 will be in phantom black and signed by the Owner/Designer himself as proof of authenticity. 

    The BMI MINI V1R1 is 100% American made from shell to core!


    Check them out for even more details and information! We will also be getting in a few of these and it won't be sitting long!

    Beastmodmods BMI 

    ETA: Mid DEC15' (Phantom Black colorway only)

    BMI MINI V1R1  Specs & Key Features:

    • 100% Custom CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Case
    • Made in the USA
    • Anodized hard finish
    • All New V.O. Chipset - Based out in SoCAL!
    • Temperature Control Mode
    • Max Wattage Setting: 60 Watts
    • Magnetic Battery Cover
    • Heavy Duty, 22mm Floating, Custom Made 510 Connection
    • SS Tactile Switches
    • 3 Bottom Vent Holes
    • Output Short Protection
    • Reverse Polarity Battery Protection
    • Low Resistance Protection
    • Battery Low Voltage Protection
    • Temperature Protection
    • Single 18650 Battery Configuration
    • Battery Meter
    • OHM Reader (to the 100th)
    • Temperature control with anti-dry burning technology
    • 3 modes: 1) Bypass mechanical mode 2) Power mode 3) Temperature Control Mode
    • In Power mode: Resistance: 0.15ohm – 3.0 ohm // Output: 5Watt – 60Watt // Temperature: 200 – 580 degree Fahrenheit / 100 – 300 degree Celsius
    • Temperature control mode: Resistance: 0.05ohm – 0.3ohm // Output: 10 joules – 60 joules // Temperature: 200 – 580 degree Fahrenheit / 100 – 300 degree Celsius
    • Accelerator Setting: Soft, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+
    • Buck – Boost & Boost, DC-DC converter
    • Auto display with accelerometer
    • Firmware upgrade via USB

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    Tendou Vapor - Nobunaga RDA

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    Nobunaga RDA 



    Nobunaga Oda is a feared and fierce Japanese Warlord back in the history. When it comes to cloud chasing. Being able to push out clouds while sustaining a well balance of flavor has been a constant battle. The Nobunaga RDA is a all-around solid performing competition grade atomizer that is perfect for cloud chasers and unique coil art enthusiasts.


    • 304 Stainless Steel construction
    • 22mm OD RDA
    • Adjustable gold plated copper contact
    • Slotted 2.5mm post openings for easier wire positioning
    • Center post PEEK insulator
    • Geared internal center post design to minimize spinning issues
    • Adjustable vertical cyclops airflows (1.5mm x 4mm) x 4
    • Top cap designed for single & dual airflow adjustments
    • 5.0mm juice wells
    • Drip Tip included (POM) – Improves heat dissipation
    • JAW Cap included (POM) – For optimal vapor production
    • 28.0mm overall height
    • PVC Coating (Black Edition Only)
    • A SOLID PERFORMER in its class


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    Shado Vapor - MGNT Atomizer RDA - House of POET

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    House of POET


    The Design

    When we thought of designing the MGNT Atty we wanted to create a product that was unique and user friendly. We start off by using the classic 3-post deck design, with an incorporated juice well. To increase conductivity we added a gold plated brass center post. The next step was the atty cap and that is where the true magic happens, we wanted a design that allowed vapers to drip with ease and not have to worry about re-aligning the air holes while having the option of an adjustable airflow. For that we developed the self-adjusting magnetic cap. The cap allows vapers to have easy access to drip, and the best part of it all is that the cap aligns the airflow holes by itself. The final product was the MGNT Atty, the only self-adjusting, leak resistance atty in the market. Design by vapers for vapers.



    The Specs


    • 3 Post Deck 
    • Gold Plated Brass Center Post
    • Re-Aligning self Adjusting Magnetic Cap
    • Unique Integrated Airflow Control System
    • Easy Access for Dripping 
    • User Friendly
    Shado Mods has designed a unique all around good Rda Atomizer that can get sets itself from the rest. Focusing on flavor, vapor production, and uniqueness. The MGNT is a solid clean looking RDA that any vaper can enjoy with their preferred build.
    Photo Details: Truvape 

     Credit Details: Shado Vapor





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