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     5) Stout 26650 100w TC by Vape Foward – One of the new lineups of the creators of the Vapor Flask. They are bringing back 26650 back in the game where this battery only exist in the high end world of International and Domestic Mod Artists. The Stout has a sleek body that cones in from the natural 26650 fitting. The ergonomic grip behind the 26650 thickness of the mod is really comfortable grip while vaping. It also comes with a 18650 sleeve because they care about your leftover 18650 batteries if you were to ever pick this bad boy up. At 100w and Temp Control Features, it pretty much covers a good day of casual vaping if you were to use a 26650 at 30-40w. This mod can fire down to .1 for the drippers out there. 



VaperFlask - Stout 26650 Black


     4) Mini Volt 40w  by Council of Vapor –This ridiculously small, compact, cute, stealthy, mini volt box mod measuring at  35mm * 22mm * 56mm with its height just over a little 2inches tall. Packing a 1300mah battery with a custom designed chip that has up to 3 vape mode settings from Soft, Standard, and Power. This mod is a good daily if you run at low watts but it can also be a good alternative back up for a stealthy ninja vape that fits nicely and comfortably in your pocket for a good night out. 


Council of Vapor - Mini Volt 


     3) IPVD3  by Poineer4you – A minor upgrade from the bestselling and popular D2. This sleek looking 80w Temp Control compact mod definitely delivers good power and performance to vapers that don't want their pockets to feel too heavy as their daily lives may require them to be on the go all the time. One of the upgrades that stands out to most vapors from the D2 is the magnet door upgrade that is more convenient than the slide battery door from the D2. Also the OLED upgrade to be more clearer and brighter will take notice during night vaping sessions.





        Poineer4You - IPV D3 Black






                                             Poineer4You - IPV D3 Silver





2) Reuleaux DNA200 & RX200 by Wismec/Jaybo – Wismec and Jaybo is definetly a deadly combination, from the first launch of the DNA200 Reuleaux to the more affordable RX200 definitely caught alot of attention. The name of the mod comes from the Reuleaux Triangle which are almost like a Spherical rounded outer shape with a Triangle shape within inside. While the outer shell mod of the Reuleaux box mods may be more edged out, I think it looks better as it gives it a sharper look. The grip of the mod feels great and the response hit time is up to par. Having the longevity and power to run three 18650 batteries is a great vape to have. We have customized some of ours with a nice Black & Teal for our Store Colorway  and for all the San Jose Sharks Fans!. Our customized White & Black Oreo colorway and also some of our customers call Storm Trooper, Tuxedo, Yin Yang, Etc. All these colorways just looks dope and the device's performance specs speaks for itself. 


  Wismec RX200 Black/Black                                       Wismec RX200 White/Teal


Wismec RX200 Black/Teal                                         Wismec RX200 White/Black



 1) Target 75w Kit V2  by Vaporesso – Vaporesso is a new and upcoming company that has came out with a bang near the end of 2015 with their new Ccell ceramic coils that brings out consistent and bold flavors out of your e-juice. The mod itself feels really solid and a good almost joystick like trigger grip. What stands out for this mod is definitely trigger placement for the fire button replicating a joystick. This mod is actually one of the sleekest single 18650 mod. The placement of the battery to the most minimalist spaces used and the respose fire time and temp control features all crammed into this hard hitter sleeper. (take down to .1 ohm).


Vaporesso Target Kit Black


         Target Metallic                   Target Rose Gold                 Target Kit Purple



*This is solely based on our opinion. Result may vary for users.* 



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