Royal Wires by Dryx

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Royal Wires by Dryx.  So what's the deal with these wires and why is everyone hypin' over these.  Well..first off, these wires are made of surgical high grade alloys, chromium and 6-8 non-coated nickel.  With that being said, if you were to compare kanthal wires, nichrome wires, and Royal Wires (using the exact same amount of wires and gauge) you will see that Royal Wires will read at the lowest resistance between the three.  Less wires, lower ohms! Not only that, RBAs built with Royal Wires seems to be noticeably cooler in temperature are firing when compared to RBAs built with the same amount of kanthal or nichrome wires and gauge. Quick fire and less heat retention..what's not to like!  Forget the hype, look at the facts.

Video by Russelle B., Expert Builder, from Truvape.

Per Package:

6ft of Non-coated Low Resistance Wires, Packed with 3 Organic Cotton Wicks.


  • 26 gauge - 0.3 ohm per inch
  • 24 gauge - 0.2 ohm per inch
  • 22 gauge - 0.1 ohm per inch

Warning:  Use this product at your own risk. In no event, regardless of cause shall Dryx and the distributor/reseller be liable for any type of bodily injury or property damage.  For advance vapers only.

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March 15, 2015

Simple design, sleek and smart. The use of the cemairc heating element is a superior heating element compared to cheaper units that are using a modified soldering iron.This product won’t break the bank for you and will get you into vaping your product sooner than saving up for a more expensive unit.

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