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The Evic Supreme by Joyetech is a major upgrade from its predecessor the Evic!  Of the many changes the Evic Supreme has gone through, the one that stands out the most would be the sub-ohm capability!  The Evic Supreme has an ohm capacity of 0.5-5 ohms!  Blowing clouds on a VV/VW tube PV? BIG WIN!  30 wattage max, 6 volt max, more clear OLED grey scale screen with picture upload ability.  Includes myVapors software which has the ability to download multi-lauange software in English, French, Greek, Polish, and Russian, check platform records, upload vaping set, set password, and firmware updates!  One other noticeable difference is the top connect cover.  If the thread contact on your atomizer is a bit long, the contact cover screws up to make contact with your atomizer without appearing as if the connect cover is loose like its predecessor.  Big WIN for Joyetech on their Evic Supreme.

Video by Benny N. from Truvape.


  • The maximum output wattage can reach up to 30W
  • The maximum output voltage is 6V
  • It can support 0.5Ω~5Ω atomizers
  • OLED Screen with Picture Upload
  • myVapors Software
  • New Design

Atomizer not included.

Currently Available in store at Truvape.

4059 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89102

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March 15, 2015

Just wanted to crcoert a few things that were stated here In your case you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but if installed properly, you certainly can use this device while its charging via computer or via a wall socket. In the case of more modern OS’s such as win7 and win8 you will need to run the software as administrator, but there is an option to just charge the device. This will allow it to be used as a pass through. Sounds like you may have just gotten a bad product, or may want to try a reinstall on a different machine, but I can tell you without a doubt, the evic pro tank combo rocks and have had no issues with them what so ever. Overall a great mod combo .

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