Drip Tops by Chuff Enuff

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Got a Vape Competition coming up? Go ahead and tell everyone "Game Over!" with these Drip Tops by Chuff Enuff!  These Drip Tops fit the TOBH, Stillare, Vulcan, Halo cap, Crest cap, and possibly others. The same cap fits multiple atomizers simply by changing out the included O-ring. These are true wide bore caps with a full ½” bore straight through. Thanks to the Bernoulli Principle this not only gives a smoother vape but also significantly decreases the amount of e-liquid spit-back into your mouth. The result is a more pleasurable vape with better flavor and significantly increased vapor production over traditional so-called wide bore drip tips.


  • 22 mm diameter sits flush with any atomizer it’s mounted on
  • ½” bore all the way through for a true wide bore vaping experience
  • Different styles to match up with the original “look” of your atomizer
  • Extra O-rings included to adapt the fit to many different atomizers on the market

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