LifeStyle Mod by APV

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Raymond V. | 1 comment

LifeStyle Mod by APV

Simple, sleek, and straight to the point, the LifeStyle Mod by APV has high match-ability to most if not every atomizer due to its simplicity (within size range).  It is boxed with a set of three full tubes in 18650, 18490 and 18350 for whichever you prefer to use for the day.  Although it comes with three tubes, the box fits into a small flat rate box.  I'm sure internet purchasers appreciate the thoughtfulness for the lower shipping rate.  The contacts are made of brass and the top pin is telescopic for easy adjustment.  Whether you super sub ohm or not, there are plenty of air vents at the bottom, next to the recessed magnetic switch, to help with battery heat dispersion.  Here is the kicker...the LifeStyle Mod, with three full tubes, retails for $125.00 USD.  Can you say, "End of Clones?"  -And hey..lets throw in a matching LifeStyle drip tip and extra delrin insulator!  To the Sirs at APV, you are doing great things for the Vape Community.  Thank You.  The LifeStyle Mod will be available on August 22nd 2014.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 20x1 Threading
  • Recessed Magnetic Switch
  • Brass Contacts
  • Telescopic Top Pin
  • Dedicated Battery Tubes
    • 18350 (58mm)
    • 18490 (72mm)
    • 18650 (88mm)
  • LifeStyle Drip Tip included
  • Extra Delrin Battery Insulator

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January 22, 2015

Would this mod work well with the atlantis tank. I currently have this mod with a vulcan rda.

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