Brass Buster Mod by Amerivape

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The Brass Buster Mod by Amerivape

Back at it with a new amazing mod, Amerivape came out with this hybrid top beauty also known as the Buster Mod. This mod has an exterior of all 364 naval brass exterior along with a copper bottom contact. Engraved on three separate places: The Amerivape Logo, the name of the mod "Buster" AND their proud sample at the bottom "Made in USA".  With a pretty deep and firm recessed firing button it would be hard surprising find your mod firing in your pants pocket...which happens from time to time with other recessed firing button mods.  There are four air vents spread evenly from each other at the bottom of the tubing to release the heat which is always good and great for those who like to go very low ohms.  Heat build up is no bueno for anyone.  Time and time again, Amerivape comes out with impressive work.  Shout out ot Amerivape for the awesome workmanship!

Quick Specs:

  • 18500 Battery 
  • Hybrid Top Cap
  • Solid 364 Naval Brass Body
  • Brass Top and Bottom Cap
  • Recessed Magentic Brass Firing Button Uses Dual 16lb Rare Earth Magnets
  • New Quick Thread Technology
  • Copper Bottom Contact
  • Derlin Isolator
  • High-end Engravings
  • 18650 extension tube ring is optional but if you purchase this through our online store it comes packaged with the extension tube ring.


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