Dab Liquids 120mL

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Truvape Vapor Lounge | 1 comment

When it comes to the freshest flavors for vaping, Dab Liquid has hit the mark with their 2 flavors they just had launched. Ghost Beary, a crisp sour white gummy that is a spot on clear gummy sweet snack everyone loves, and Qi (Chi) Force, a refreshing on point exotic lychee flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The flavors come in a 120ml glass dropper bottle with a 30ml Unicorn bottles included. As vaping has gotten into more of a demand for more juice to satisfy vaper's without breaking their pockets, Dab Liquid is definitely the company that will fulfill those needs. 


Dab Liquid - Qi Force - Freshest Lychee

Dab Liquid - Ghost Beary - Sour White Gummy


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Two New Nostalgic E-Liquid Flavors that'll leave you wanting MORE! 60ml bottles!

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Truvape will be carrying two new flavors that will bring you back to your childhood favorites!  The first is Root Beer Float by Dryx Enterprise, the same makers of Royal Infusion, Royal Rozen Elixir and a favorite building wire, Royal Wires.

Image: Root Beer Float by Dryx Enterprise

The flavor profile is a creamy blend of rich root beer soda and delicious ice cream!  The root beer flavor is pronounced with the creaminess of ice cream.  It is packaged in an amber 60ml glass dropper bottle.

The second nostalgic flavor is Circus Cookie!  Bring yourself down memory lane with this delicious cookie treat!  This E-Liquid flavor is a sweet creamy cookie drenched in "white and pink" frosting and sprinkles!

Image: Circus Cookie E-Liquid

The Circus Cookie E-Liquid is bottled in a 60ml plastic bottle with a twist nozzle and packaged in a ever so memorable designed box.

Both these flavors are amazing and deserves a vape from everyone!


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