Skeleton Key Mod by Mechart

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Raymond V. | 1 comment

The Skeleton Key by Mechart.

At first glance, I'm just taken back for a minute.. not only from its beauty but also the originality of the well thought out construction.  Every which way you look at it is striking from top to bottom.  No lie.  The attention to detail is so phenomenal that you start to wonder if there are any flaws and actually start to look for them because nothing can be this perfect.  No flaws found currently. From the top, there is an adjustable 4-way airflow which closes off smoothly with a simple twist.  Under the top cap, you will find double telescopic silver plated copper pins.  These pins are off set in size and are thicker than usual for easy adjustment.  The top cap has eight embedded symmetrical squares which gives it a strong and solid unique look.  Although this is a 23mm diameter mod, do not be thrown off by it.  The way that it is constructed along with the unique top cap compliments a 22mm atomizer.  The body is made of brushed stainless steel and the top and bottom accents well with polished stainless steel.  The key symbol on the body is very clean and detailed and you can tell it took some thought into designing it.  Even the logo on the bottom is unique.  You can look at it one way and it looks like the letter M for Mechanical and when you flip it over it makes a letter A for Art -for Mechanical Art "Mechart".  Both these engravings were done professionally.  The bottom, which is the best of all, has a floating locking ring that can spin 360 degrees either way by 1/8 turns.  If at first you see the 4 empty squares at the bottom, that means the mod is locked and will not fire.  With a simple twist, the original 4 squares showing will be blocked and another 4 squares will be revealed with engravings.  When you see these engravings that means the mod is unlocked and ready to fire....and if that wasn't enough detail, when the locking ring is pulled down in unlocked mode, a layer of brass is revealed with the engraving "Pulsanti Operietur." (Latin, meaning to him who knocks it shall be opened . An inscription sometimes placed over the front door of Masonic temples or Lodge-rooms.)  That layer of brass is so unnecessary yet secretly accents the mod so well that it was intentionally crafted like that for pure luxury.  This is the difference between a great job and a touch of perfection.  Both the locking ring and firing button is smooth when twisted or pressed.  The mod includes two extension tubes for 18350, 18500 and 18650 battery capacity.  Made in the U.S.  I take my hat off to the great innovators at Mechart and look forward to more innovative designs to come.  When the shipment arrives, we will be stocking only a few online so make sure you check in from time to time as they will probably only be online for split seconds before the die hard vapers snags them. Stay posted!

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