Dripping vs Sub Tanks

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Raymond V. | 0 comments

Many of our customers that are new to vaping ask,"which is better, a dripping atomizer or a sub tank?"

Here is the break down in our opinion:


You can build it to how you want:

  • Customization - Building to exactly how you like it.
  • More room for building compared to sub tank rebuildable coils
  • Ability to switch flavors quicker than sub tanks
  • Smaller and discrete look than sub tanks


Simple and Easy Going

  • Pre built coils - Pop it in and you are set.  Hits the same every time.
  • Holds a good amount - You do not have to constantly drip.
  • Rebuildable coil - Some tanks offer rebuildable coils for your own customization or to save some money if you've got the time to build.



With high variable wattage devices available now at an affordable price and the availability of low ohm sub tank coils or sub tank multi-coil heads, the vapor production from drippers and sub tanks can be very comparable.  Many of course swears by one or the other and those points are definitely valid because at the end of the day, you want something that works for you.  Who cares what others say right?  We hope this comparison gives you better insight on which route you want to move forward with.

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