Royal Wires Las Vegas Distributor

Truvape is proud to announce that we are the Las Vegas Distributor for Royal Wires!  We are nothing but pleased to represent such a great product as we stand behind their quality and functionality.  Royal Wires by Dryx comes in a package of 6ft Non-coated Low Resistance Wires with 3 Organic Cotton Wicks.  Wires are made of surgical high grade alloys, chromium and 6-8 non-coated nickel.


  • 26 gauge - 0.3 ohm per inch
  • 24 gauge - 0.2 ohm per inch
  • 22 gauge - 0.1 ohm per inch

Below is a video that compares Kanthal Wires, Nichrome Wires and Royal Wires.  Each product was used in the same gauge and same length of wire.  You can see that Royals clocked at a lower ohm and produces more vapor.  Like to carry Royal Wires in your Vape Shop?  Please contact for further info.